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Concrete Voice is a text-to-speech solution using Microsoft text-to-speech technologies. I started this project because I could not find a quality text-to-speech program to use. The commercial products are embarrassing to think they would ask money for something I would not even download for free. So, I decided to give it a try! I’m planning to add many features to Voice, some never before seen in the software industry. I’ll start with listing a view. Read text aloud from any text file (supports many (about 200) text encoding formats), save text files to audio files, open rtf, doc, docx, pdf and many other documents, read web pages and E-mails aloud, monitor the Clipboard and read its contents, speak the time and it also includes a weather system. Many more advanced features is in planning stages and will soon be implemented. I will try to update the source code at least once a week. I’m going to be working hard on this one. Hope to get some feedback. Please feel free to E-mail me with your question and suggestions.

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